All of our M2M/IoT connectivity services are powered and underpinned by the Gemini Platform infrastructure, which has been designed with full resilience and diversity at every point. We have presence in multiple tier 3 data centres and proactively monitor the complete infrastructure 24/7 through CSL’s dedicated Network Team in our purpose built Network Operations Centre (NOC).

We have direct connection to multiple Network Operators across Europe and have a culture of continuous auditing and validation to ensure that all of our services are operating at optimal efficiency from all of our suppliers.

CSL is the only signalling service provider with its own purpose built Network Operations Centre (NOC) dedicated to supporting the Gemini Platform.

The NOC houses our dedicated Network Team who analyse real-time network feeds from all of our Operator partners to proactively identify network issues and notify our customers at the earliest possible instance. Our levels of attention and expertise often result in us detecting problems before our Network partners are aware themselves.

The Gemini Platform was created in 2007 and has received continuous investment and expansion ever since. For the security sector alone, Gemini handles over 1 billion calls each month and is the platform that provides the Critical Connectivity for nearly half a million protected premises throughout Europe. It has since been proven to be the most resilient and reliable managed network in the industry and provides the intelligence that enables us to push the boundaries of innovation in high-end signalling and offer game-changing services that are the first of their kind in the industry.